Project Death Sparkle: The Gas-lighting

Project Death Sparkle

So let me just say, there is a perfectly valid reason that the shortest chapter, thus far, has taken me the longest to deal with.  A super valid reason, in fact, and that reason is that Beau and Edward are horrible, terrible people that make me want to cry and scream and flip tables.  Maybe it’s that, when combined, Belleau (Bella-Beau) and Edwythe (Edward-Edythe) bring out the worst in themselves and each other.  Maybe it’s because I have to maneuver around Bella’s crapping over everyone’s concern and Beau spraying ego all over everything, while Ed and Edy just James Dean in the corner.  Whatever it is, I had to take a day-long break between each step of my usually-quick three-part process.

This process, while not difficult, thus far, reminds me why I was flirting with the idea of little random A.U. inserts between posts.  The further and further down this dank hole of emotionally fuckery I go, the more I am going to crave a bit of levity.  So, just keep a look out for that, too.

So let’s just let Bedelia speak for the amount of fuckery in this chapter for a moment…


We good?  Alright then, on to Chapter3


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