Project Death Sparkle: What Is This “Sleep” You Speak Of?

Why, hello there.

It’s me, again.

Back again so soon? You may very well ask, and with another post?

Pretty much, yes, because apparently insomnia and an erratic work schedule (as in being an on-call with very few scheduled hours) is the perfect recipe for getting this things typed up and made pretty, then handed over to you lovely people.

So, yeah…a few things, before you read the chapter:

1)…I had a lot of fun with this layout, almost as much fun as Chapter 6 (probably a bit more, if I’m being honest)

2) …if you’re the sort to be offended by paintings of half-naked or bare-breasted women, this might not be for you.  They are obscured, but still…and on that note, this might not be the Chapter to read at the office (if you are in the habit of doing so).

That said…thanks for putting up general silliness.


Chapter Seven: …Research Purposes?