Project Death Sparkle:…Well, That Was A Thing

Like it says on the tin, This was a Thing that I did.  It happened, and there’s nothing much else to say about it.

As I get further and further into these two books, and watch them diverge further into “But it’s BECAUSE I LOVE YOU BLAHBLAH” or “No, you’re MY Shmoopy” story lines, I am often tempted to flip a table and NOPE right off the internet.

However, I am a stubborn sort, and am not about to throw in the towel now that I have finally hit double digits.  Still, if these little blurbs start to sound less and less coherent, that’s why.

And if all else fails, send wine. Thanks.  Gif Will thanks you, too, and kindly reminds you to tip your wai–er, your writer.


Without any further delay, The Thing That Happened:

Chapter Ten: In Which Everyone Talks. A Lot