Project Death Sparkle: The Sequel

Project Death Sparkle

So here’s the thing about these books, particularly the 10th anniversary edition–they are no-holds-barred, chock-a-block full of crazy.  Granted, the original crazy is a bit more palatable, but even so…coo coo for cocoa puffs.  All that to say, despite my careful hurdle-jumping over some issues, I have managed to make this conflated version of Bella-Beau (Beleau? Beaulla?) even more despicable than he comes across in the book.  So, there’s that…

Also, can we talk about the Edward/Edythe hybrid eating up the scene with his Sparkle Power turned up to 11?  Kind of amazing…I wish there had been a bit more of that in either book.  Not to say that I did it better?  I don’t think I did, so much as just amplify the Sparkle Potential that was already there, waiting for us, in both books.  I’m rambling.  For that, I apologize.  This project, while deliciously fun, kind of eats away at my brain after about an hour (It’s going on 3 hours, at the moment).

Anyway…here we are…at Chapter Two, in which stuff happens, Beau is a terrible person, and there are Cullens.


Hey, there

Chapter the Second