Project Death Sparkle: Space Madness

Once Upon A Time…

There was a woman who stepped away from her Project for a day or two, telling herself “I just need to take a break for today.”  Then, that day became another day, and another, and another, til many weeks had passed without any sign of progress, despite her being half-way done with the chapter, and more than half-done with the Project, itself.

Finally, the day came when she said “FUCK IT,” sat her sleepy arse down, and did it.  AND THAT, kiddos, is how this entry was born. ❤

Excuses aside, I was feeling more than a bit of Space Madness, but think I finally have a handle on it.  I think.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

Space Madness

Whatever the case, I (FINALLY) give to you…
Chapter Sixteen: Rocko…er, Carine’s Modern Life