Project Death Sparkle: Mind Over Sparkle

So, I have to admit that this was another hurt-y chapter, in that there were moments where I raged, and laugh-sobbed, and struggled not to run screaming into the night.  Thankfully, I have friends who are willing and able to put up with all my Kermit Flailing (they know who they are, and they are glorious).


Luckily, this is the chapter that finally allows for my second Sparkle Crown Chronicles AU side-fic, which, I am not gonna lie, I had written and made pretty a few days after my last chapter with one of those…so, it’s been a while.


That said, I believe my overall opinion of both versions canon versions of this chapter was as follows:


So, please believe when I say I did my ABSOLUTE BEST to make the Dumb as painless as possible.

Without further ado:

Chapter Fourteen: I Don’t Even Know, You Guys


Condom Cannonade (Eleanor’s Revenge)