Project Death Sparkle: Grim-Dark

So, yeah.

In case that title didn’t catch your attention, I’m going to go ahead and leave this right here:


As anyone who has read either the original Chapter 8 or the rewrite featuring Beaufort “As Interesting as a Wet Towel” Swan can tell you, Chapter 8 has some stuff go down.  Some serious stuff.  I don’t presume to know your issues, triggers, etc, so I am just going to go ahead and throw one on here for this chapter.

Trigger Warning For the Following:

  1. A teenager being stalked/threatened with a deadly weapon
  2.  Stalking with the intent to physically harm and kill


I could probably go into a lot more detail, but I wanted to be as vague as I could, to let those out there that don’t like any iteration of that can just go ahead and give this a miss, or skip starting page 5 (starting paragraph 3) to page 8 (second column, paragraph 1).


Chapter Eight: …so much stuff happens, you guys…