Project Death Sparkle

Project History:

“Project Death Sparkle” was the brain-child of many chagrined Twitter folk as we followed @cleolindajones’ recap of the 10th Anniversary gender-flipped Edition of Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” book. After many frustrated tweets from multiple posters about the need for a f/f or m/m retelling, rewrite, or fan fiction mash-up of the two “Twilight” novels, the idea started to take root.

Then, after one particularly horrifying tweet, the idea started to solidify.  What would the book look like, if it combined the brooding sensibilities of “Classic Edward” with those of Bella’s gender-flipped alternate, Beau?  What would that relationship look like?

So, I put the call out into Twitter, that if people REALLY wanted to see what a textual-based rewrite of these two books looked like, I would do it, providing someone provided me the books.  The call was answered, and thus “Project Death Sparkle” was born.

Project Expectations:

  1. As this is a purely interest-driven project, real life dictates that I tackle this rewrite (1) chapter at a time (either half- or full-length, depending on individual chapter length).
  2. Though wording may be shifted or altered to make the combination of the two texts more smooth, I will be attempting to keep the rewrite as text based as possible.  So, while this is technically fan fiction, that’s not really what I’m going for, in this case.
  3. As I will be trying to shape an altered narrative using the two mirrored texts, be aware that it will contain spoilers for BOTH books, and will include various characters in either their original or gender-flipped form.

Standard Disclaimer:

“The Twilight Saga” is the property of Stephanie Meyer, Little, Brown and Co, Summit Entertainment, and their various affiliates.  I am making NO money from this, obviously, but want to take care to cover my ass just in case.

All that said…see you with the first chapter soon!

Chapter the First

Chapter DEUX

Chapter Three: The Saga of Angst Continues

 Chapter Four: The Meebling

Chapter Five: In Which I Sob

Chapter Six: Investigative Smoldering

Chapter Seven:…Research Purposes?

Chapter Eight: Grim-Dark Tale of All the Plot

Chapter Nine: “We Have All Your Quotable Lines Here”

Chapter Ten: In Which Everyone Talks. A lot.

Chapter Eleven: There Is No Subtext, Only Text

Chapter Twelve:…Are We There Yet?


Chapter Fourteen: I DON’T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS

Chapter Fifteen: …I Got Nothing…

Chapter Sixteen: Rocko…er, Carine’s Modern Life

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