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Now, For Something Different…



It isn’t often that I take part in fan contests, as I never really know what to make, what I should submit.  A poem? A picture?  A story?

NBC’s Hannibal has proven the exception to the rule.

I wanted my piece, which is a visual collage/digital photo manipulation piece, to represent the Before that was Man, that was Human, and the After, which is the Great Red Dragon.

For this piece, which I call “Chrysalis,” I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

“The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in the Sun,” which I used as a base for this design, belongs to William Blake.



The Debate

So, I found an old non-fictional narrative prompt I wrote years ago (2012) for a class, and I had one of those intensely personal debates of To Post or Not To Post.  Normally, I’d say screw it, but in this case, well…

This story was based on my extremely emotional reaction the first time I visited the permanent exhibit at the National Holocaust Memorial and Museum, and aside from being very trigger-y (even for me), I just don’t know if I should publish something like that?

Even if my intention isn’t to be exploitative, but to share something intensely personal, there is still the risk of coming across as trite, which I really, really don’t want to do.

Thus, the dilemma…To Post, or NOT To Post.

Do I put it out there, visceral description of sights, sounds, emotions, no matter how it comes across, or do I keep the personal personal and let it continue to sit in my file cabinet gathering dust.

Honestly, I really don’t know.

Scriptwriting: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s WORK AWAY I…go?

It seems that the very act of me typing up my journal entry has inspired me to do some more work.  Though I’m hammering away at character profiles at the moment, doing so has made the ever important act of ~RESEARCHING~ a thing I must do.

I am finding that, if you want to make someone, say, close to 200 that it is easier to get into their head as to where they came from if you can find a historical timeline of just WHAT was going down where they lived at the time…and I HAVE.

I am going to bookmark it and call it my precious, as it is something I WILL need to refer back to, or use as a jumping point, in terms of understanding why this character reacts the way that she does.

So, yes…HERE’S to the beauty of research.  🙂


This edit is coming almost 2 hours later, after I was carried away by research.  Honestly, I just finished the 6 page character questionnaire for a character that is in my film for less than ten minutes.

I maintain that it’s going to be useful for my script.

Scriptwriting: Random Rabid Brain Bunnies

After my first Capstone meeting, I took a few moments to sit down and do some rough (very, very…very rough) storyboard sketches for Acts/Parts 1 and 2 of my script, which ended up inspiring the (potential) pivotal ending scene for Act/Part 3.

Anyway, I wanted to try to visualize some of the initial scenes that I had in mind, before I sat down and got lost in the character profiles.  The initial three storyboards pertain to the opening of Act 1.  I wanted this first scene to be jarring, pivotal, because it is in witnessing their mother’s murder that these innocent children realize the danger of their position.

As I sat down, jotting down notes, and making quick, admittedly hilariously terrible sketches, I found that the very act of putting the images I was seeing in my head onto paper was generating more and more images/content for me to work with and build upon.  Though I started with the initial three opening scene images, this developed into at least four more…two pivotal scenes for Act 2, and one for the climactic scene before the film ends.

I suppose that this both because I tend to see stories and memories in pictures and clips…still images and small film-reels, so to speak, and also because I am a very visually stimulated person.  In any case, one seems to be feeding off another, which may prove very helpful.