Month: April 2014

Screenwriting: Breaking That 100 Page Barrier

It may seem odd that this is such a big thing, but it really really is.  Yes, it is roughly a minute per page, with every change of location being a new scene, so it makes it easier.

Still.  As somebody who leaped straight from short stories, or short chaptered stories, into script writing, this is a big deal.  Yes, I have a bit more to go, but this is the final stretch, and it feels incredible.  The ideas are coming together, the shit is about to hit the fan, and all the loose ends  that I’ve chosen to tie up are going to be tied up.

Yes, of course there are re-reads and edits to do, but that doesn’t lessen my excitement over surpassing my goal and nearing the end.  I enjoy doing this far too much to ever feel like complaining about the necessary drudgery.


Screenwriting: Tip-Toe Through the Tulips Towards Triumph

I am getting closer, and closer, and closer towards finishing this script.  Not only is that making me incredibly happy, but it feels amazing.  What is doubly amazing is that I still have quite a few scenes to go, and am already at page 94.  So, yes. It is safe to say that this will max out much, much longer than originally anticipated.

I know that Brevity is the Soul of Wit, and all that, according to some schools of thought, but I say PFFFFFTTTT.

Why would I ever, ever, h-eevvver (…can you hear Dr. Cox’s voice, because I can…) sacrifice a cohesive story and well-rounded characters for the sake of a shorter story/script?  That would just be crazy.  I know I’m already a bit a CrayCray, as most creative types can be, but not enough to sabotage myself or my story.

So, yes.  I may have planned for 75 pages, but will happily take my 100 or so pages that I will end up with. 🙂

Screenwriting: Work Work Work WorkWork

I haven’t exactly been whistling while I’ve worked, but that may be because I’m too focused on actually working.  I am so close that I can almost taste it, and it tastes like Apple Pie a la Mode and Triumph.

Delicious, delicious triumph.

Having a very, very basic outline of where things are going is helpful, but I’m not letting that stop things from develop the way they absolutely should.  It is nice to know where you want to end up, but I try to let my characters have a lot of say in how they get there.  After all, I’m merely the writer.  They know themselves better than I do.

Annnd, if I haven’t scared you all off by that little glimpse into my writing process, I will continue by saying that I am loving every minute of this, and am looking forward to my next big undertaking.  Though, maybe, I won’t work with such a tight deadline.