Screenwriting: Collaboration, the Gift that Keeps Giving

I am incredibly, stupendously lucky to have such gifted, inspirational friends who are willing to sit back for hours, drink tea, and chat about writing.  The words flowed like Earl Gray, and, in the end, culminated in 6 pages of brilliance.

Seriously, I enjoy getting lost in my own world and writing, but it is incredibly helpful to have someone willing and able to bounce ideas back and forth.  Not only do you figure out where you are missing something, you also figure out really quickly whether or not you’re on the right track.

So, I guess the Lesson Learned (or, Re-Learned) Today would be that you should never be afraid to reach out.  There is a wealth of ideas and interesting perspectives just waiting to be explored.


2 thoughts on “Screenwriting: Collaboration, the Gift that Keeps Giving

    1. Honestly, it’s less about the group and more about the individual. I know a few instructors from my program that write, true, but I don’t really have extensive sit downs with them. In terms of friends, I have all of 1 locally (the other moved to Oregon). She is excellent at crafting dialogue, and thinks like I do, so knows what to say to get me thinking about something in a new way. So, honestly, I don’t think you really need a group. If you can find that one person who amazes and/or inspires you, you’re set.

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