Screenwriting: The Final Streeeeeetch

I’m not sure if it is just that I am in The Writing Zone, or if it is the fact that I am in the final haul, but the Final Stretch of my script is feeling less like a stretch, and more like a leisurely stroll after a pleasant, incredibly satisfying jaunt.  Though I managed only 6 pages today (and look at me, saying “only” as if it were a bad thing), but those were six pages leading towards the inevitable confrontation that leads to the Glorious Finale.

A body was discovered, a point of contention was readdressed, Chekov’s Gun is cocked and loaded (and waiting patiently on the mantelpiece).  All in all, things are coming together in a way that is most satisfying.

I will, of course, be tweaking for dialogue, details, and general anal retentiveness to the last minute, but still.  The stage is set and the shot is fired.  All that’s left now is that last sprint to the Finish Line…and perhaps, a lot of paranoid, last minute research.

Even so.

This has been, and continues to be, one hell of a ride.


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