…what it says on the tin.  5 hours of revisions, a few new scenes to tighten things up, and the glee of knowing that I already have someone interested in this thing, should I decide not to produce it myself.

In terms of the purely writing aspect, having someone to bounce things off of make it so, so, sooo much easier to find out where there are holes that need filling (insert your own joke here).  I mean, I had a few ideas of places where I could add a thing or two, but having someone point out something later that can be explained in a scene that would fit in one of those potential holes is quite nice.  It reinforces the idea that I should just go with my instinct and not omit a scene, just because I’m not sure if it’s “too much.”

More often than not, those things I’ve omitted as “too much” have turned out to be the things that needed to be there the most.  Go figure.  Anyway, I will just keep reminding myself to breath, let shit go how it’s going to go, and Keep Buggering On.


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