Month: February 2014

Screenwriting: Heigh-Ho, SILVERRRR, AWAYYYY

After spending a few days stressing over NOT HAVING TIME (OMG) to work on my script, I finally sat down and put some love and attention into it.  I managed about 6 pages (though, to be fair, I tweaked the preexisting content of 2 of those pages, but I’m counting it).

So, yes.  Even though I still have a long way to go with the troublesome middle act, I am getting there.  Slowly…

…and with much mental maneuvering and several emotional melt-downs later.

The real issue is not whether or not I can do it (because I SO can), but whether or not I can manage to do it in 35 pages or less, without rushing things.  I have established location two, but am now left with that horrid feeling you get when you doubt whether or not you just spent too much time establishing a location.

Me: …B-but…this place is big, and is plot important, and knowing the layout may/will/ be important.  So…WHY NOT?

Brain: …dude, establishing is good, but did you have to do it like THAT?

Me:…if not now, then WHEN?  This is their first time inside their new place?  Why NOT have Guy-Face tell them about their place? It happens…

Brain:…if you say so.

So, yes.  THIS is what I’m dealing with, here, and I have to remind myself that there is no such thing as “wrong” with art.  Of course, my Bitchy Inner Critic has to pipe in and remind me that while that’s true, there is such a thing as “bad” or “ham-handed,” even if “wrong” doesn’t exist.

In the end, I might have to take my flailing to my Script Writing Guru (i.e. my Capstone supervisor), to get his input.  If only to save myself from a genuine breakdown.  In the mean time, I’m going to drink my tea and chill.

Lesson for today:……….tea solves everything. Tea, or maybe wine.


Scriptwriting: SLOOOOWLY, but surely

Today was less a matter of no inspiration/time/etc, and more a matter of forgetting to bring my location schematics with me for reference.  This…was not my proudest moment.  In fact, this was a huge DERP on my part, but was not the death cry of my work day.

Instead, I sat my happy arse down and worked on my very last character profile, which had been looming over my head like a huge, depressing raincloud.  Seriously, considering this character is extremely minor–only really important in his death–I have been putting him off like he was marinated in Writer’s Block and Black Death.

So, even though I did not get any actual writing done–again–I did get something done, which will have to be good enough, until I can get my hands on those damn, elusive building schematics.

The moral of this story…always be anal retentive in making sure you have all the shit you’ll need.

Lesson learned, self.  Lesson learned.