Screenwriting: Part Two, Nearly DONE? WAT?

Yes, you read that header right.  BUHLIEVE me, I am nearly as surprised.  Especially since I was damn near flailing a few days ago.

See, with my first part being at roughly 41.25 pages, I was freaking out, thinking that the other two parts had to be of equal length.

“Not So,” said I to my Anal Retentive Nature, “the beginning was the back story, and the groundwork for what I’m doing now. It NEEDED to be long, so the audience could give a damn about these characters when they started to go off their rocker.  If I wimped out and held back, there would be no reason for you to care about what happens to them later.”

“Ah,” said my Anal Retentive Nature, “I think I get it, now.”

All this silliness (that actually happened, but in my head) aside, I have decided that, as long as part two ends at the moment where the tension is at its highest, all is well.  The film isn’t going to be viewing in parts, but as a whole, so who cares if they are equal in length.  Also, whether you’re watching a trilogy or reading a book, part two is essentially the climax: shit is/or has gone down, and things are looking pretty terrible, or like they’re about to arrive at Terrible’s front door.

So, yeah.  I might go in and add a page or two to make things look really, really bad for the protagonists, but mostly I’m going to put a chunk of the story in part three: personal downward-spiral of my characters, things getting worse, terrible revelations, uncertain fates, death, destruction, rebirth. ALL THAT.

So, maybe I’ve been flying a little high, lost as I’ve been in my characters’ heads.  Maybe I’m ecstatic from so much progress in just two days.  Either way, I’m doing this shit.

Come rain, shine, or personal melt-downs, I am going to Keep Buggering On.


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