Scriptwriting: I Have An Idearrrrrr

Soooo, as far as initial script feedback sessions go, it wasn’t bad.  The overall reaction to Part the First was positive, w/ a few minor tweaks and a few Good Questions asked about things that need a-bit-more-than-minor tweaks.

Still, I’d rather people point out the “Eh…huh?” moments than blow smoke up my ass.  Constructive Crit (as long as it is C-O-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-V-E and not “dun like it, boo”) can actually lead to minor characters becoming a bit more than a plot vehicles and (gaspsurprise) the writer/author/screenwriter discovering a more organic way to bring about a future (very important) plot point.

If you couldn’t guess, all this and more went down after my script discussion.  I found a way to make a bit of breathing backdrop a bit more relevant, and also tie her in with a later plot point.  So, yeah…with the post-meeting brainstorming and a bit of old-school editing (pencil, meet paper…now KISSSS), I’m just a tad bit pleased with how much Work I actually got done today.


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