Screenwriting: Mad Hatter, March Hare…

This is kind of what I’ve been feeling like the last few days, which is why I have not been writing nearly as much as I should be.  Still, I managed to do a bit of research on embalming practices…For Reasons…and now feel like I can continue on doing what I have to do.  This is, I think, my weekend to be a complete shut in and get down and dirty with this script.  I want to have time to really get this as good as it’s going to get, and not feel rushed to get shit done.

Still, with all the other Real Life Things hanging over my head, I’m feeling like the unhappy child of the March Hare and the Mad Hatter: “I’m VERY, VERY late for an important date, and-twiddle dee dee, it’s driving me mad, mad, MAD.”

While I don’t necessarily have time to write right now, I am going to make a point to write as much as possible starting this evening, and continuing on till Friday.  Sat is, sadly, reserved for my Other work, but still.  Two days, plus change, devoted to writing should go a long, looooong way towards getting rid of this sense of growing anxiety.

I hope.


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