Scriptwriting: Back on Track (Ohhhh, Yeahhh)

So, I am finally back on track with the actual writing bit.  It took me a bit of time (and not a little bit of builder’s tea), but I managed 7 pages of content with which I am supremely happy.  Though only 3 of those pages are actually a part of part two, I am still pleased, as I finally added in those few scenes in the first part that were missing in my first draft.

So far, I am pleased with how the story is flowing, and look forward to getting into the really juicy bits that are coming.  I will definitely have to do another break down to make sure that I can see approx how many pages I should devote to what parts, but that shouldn’t take too much time, at this point.

Honestly, if anything, I’ve learned that as much as I may drag my feet on occasion, I can do this.  I know my story, I know my characters, and I have learned to trust my instincts and just go with what feels right.  So far, this has worked out well, and as long as I keep trusting myself, I can Keep Buggering On.


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