Screenwriting: Character Profiles, Part DEUX

Now that the first draft of part one is done (well, save a few potential small-ish scenes that can be added in later), it’s back to the start of the process for me.  What does this mean?

That’s right…character profiles.  Though I am not starting from scratch, per se, I am going back and changing what’s, well, changed between the time I wrote them, and the end of the first part of the script.  I could get all wrapped up in sticking to the profiles, and trying to force the issue, but why do that to myself?

Writing should be organic, and if that means scrapping concepts to make way for what came about as I wrote, then so be it.

Also, as I am now into the next chapter of the story, I am introducing a brand new set of secondary characters, which is yet another reason why I am back to square one.  While, no, I will not be writing profiles for every single secondary character, I will be spending time on those secondary characters whose impact is directly felt by the protagonists.

It may seem silly to have waited to do all my character profiles, but instead of having to go back at the end and change things for everyone, now I only have to change a few things in two of the five already-written profiles.  Also, it allows for more freedom to let minor characters take on more important roles, as needed. Were I tied town to a pre-set number of characters, each with a predetermined destiny, I would have never allowed Benny to come into being…and that would have been very sad, indeed.

So, as it is, not much actual writing got done, unfortunately.  However, as I am going to bear down and be much more strict with my 5 pages a day schedule, I should be back on track tomorrow.  Even if that means getting my happy arse up early and carting my ridiculously oversized laptop to a coffee shop, writing IS going to happen.

I guess what I’m saying is…it’s always acceptable to go back to square one whenever you need to.



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