So, yeah, perhaps I’m feeling a bit like Leonitus today.  This could be because I’m a giant goof, but it is mostly because I am riding a giant wave of “OMFG, I FINISHED PART ONE” euphoria.  I had been struggling internally for a little bit, trying to work out how I was going to show the passage of time and transition my characters into adulthood without taking up 50 pages.

In the end, I think I found a way that works and doesn’t seem to hokey.  Whether or not it is, it seems to feel and flow organically and doesn’t feel forced.  Also, I like it.  So, yeah.  I am just a MITE bit please.  Though I am not too much above my page goal (almost 30 vs my projected 25), I am still nearly two weeks ahead of my schedule, which gives me more wiggle room, in case I have more unproductive days, where I’m just S T U C K.

This first hurdle…both charging it head on, and then leaping over it, has definitely been a learning experience.  I’ve learned that ANYTHING can be done, if you are prepared enough, and not just in terms of story/character/etc.  I was prepared to devote myself to five pages a day.  I was prepared to research the most insignificant detail in order to get to where I needed to be.  I was prepared to be as antisocial as necessary to get shit done.

This, I think, paid off with my ten pages yesterday, as I was able to finish up today in a little under four pages.  Though I am nowhere near done, this has proved that I can, and will do it.  I am prepared to hurdle jump the remaining two parts and all the surprises they bring.


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