Scriptwriting: JUST DO EET.

The lesson I learned today, well…the title says it all.  It was a slow start, at first, as I settled in to my new location of the third of part one.  There were a few moments where I had to squirm to get comfortable.  In a lot of ways, it was like I was trying on a new pair of shoes, deciding if they were going to work for me.

Still, I kept to my motto of “K.B.O.”: Keep Buggering On, and did just that.  I had moments where my brain kept trying to interject with “but…can you DO that,” to which I had to reply “YES, so SHUT UP.”  This is my script, and my story, and I will tell it how it needs to be told, regardless of whether my methods are conventional or not.

By the end, I finally gave face…if not a name…to the thing that I’d been hinting at about my characters for the previous 15 pages.  That, most of all, was a high point of my writing day.

Well, that and the fact that I’ve officially exceeded my min page count for part one.  HUZZAH.

Yes, that’s right.  I did not 3.5, not 5.25, but 10 pages today. 10.  Though I probably have roughly that left before I can happily move on to the middle act, as it were, this is not something to sneeze at.  At least, not for me, who is a writer of short stories and is constantly being told “GO BIGGER.”  I honestly think I have my surprisingly unproductive day yesterday to thank for this, as I have referenced my little blueprints countless times in these past 3hrs 8 minutes

So, I can happily call it a day with a “Job Well Done, M’Lady,” and drink a cup of Victory Tea (Well, English Breakfast, but who’s keeping track).


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