Screenwriting: Fear Less, Create More

As I sit back and write my script, I often have to stop myself and say “It’s OK, what you’re doing…this ‘taking time,’ thing.”  With so many movies rushing, rushing, rushing to get to the point and hurdle jumping the things that matter, it’s easy to forget that a good movie lets you sink into the characters’ story.  Yes, I’m going on page 16 with my protagonists not yet out of their childhood, but what I’m doing is important, and building towards something bigger.

I just have to trust myself to know that what I’m doing is necessary, and I have to trust my audience to be willing and able to follow my protagonists on this necessary journey.  The end will be worth the wait.

What it comes down to, I’m finding, is essentially: Fear Less, Create More.

…Give myself plenty to work with…lots of story, and nuance, and emotion…and damn the torpedoes.

So, that’s what I’m doing.  So what if I’m on page 16 of my roughly 25 page (maybe more?) first act.  I have at least 50 more pages to really go into their characters as adults, so shut the hell up, brain, and stop your fussing.



One thought on “Screenwriting: Fear Less, Create More

  1. I agree. Also, even if you’re over-writing – who cares? You can always edit it. Better to have too much going on than too little.

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