Screenwriting: Behind the Scenes

Though I did not get any more pages of my script powered out, I did enough of the initial background work that it should be much easier to get out more than my minimum limit tomorrow.  Just the act of writing down those little details, and drawing out scenes, and finding pictures of places I have in mind is helping me develop the story in a way that will make make the transition from idea to reality that much easier.

Honestly, having a background in writing (I write a lot of short stories) and theater (I was a theater geek growing up) has helped a lot.  It is my belief that a writer, whether of novels, or plays, or radio productions, etc, needs to have at least an understanding of drama in order to be able to get inside a character’s head.  The reverse is true for an actor…you must be able to think like a writer.  In both cases, if you cannot get inside the heads of your character, you are going to fail to bring them to life.

So, I’ve tried approaching my character profiles like a story or a play, broken down into outline form.  It makes it easier to approach the material as both the actor (finding out the whys of the nervous tics, pet peeves, etc) and the writer (delve into the nitty gritty details of the world that makes it real).  So far, it’s been helping a lot.  Though I have not written, per se, I have enough to go on that I can.

Alas, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I have the real world things, like homework, to do.


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