Scriptwriting: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s WORK AWAY I…go?

It seems that the very act of me typing up my journal entry has inspired me to do some more work.  Though I’m hammering away at character profiles at the moment, doing so has made the ever important act of ~RESEARCHING~ a thing I must do.

I am finding that, if you want to make someone, say, close to 200 that it is easier to get into their head as to where they came from if you can find a historical timeline of just WHAT was going down where they lived at the time…and I HAVE.

I am going to bookmark it and call it my precious, as it is something I WILL need to refer back to, or use as a jumping point, in terms of understanding why this character reacts the way that she does.

So, yes…HERE’S to the beauty of research.  🙂


This edit is coming almost 2 hours later, after I was carried away by research.  Honestly, I just finished the 6 page character questionnaire for a character that is in my film for less than ten minutes.

I maintain that it’s going to be useful for my script.


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