Scriptwriting: Random Rabid Brain Bunnies

After my first Capstone meeting, I took a few moments to sit down and do some rough (very, very…very rough) storyboard sketches for Acts/Parts 1 and 2 of my script, which ended up inspiring the (potential) pivotal ending scene for Act/Part 3.

Anyway, I wanted to try to visualize some of the initial scenes that I had in mind, before I sat down and got lost in the character profiles.  The initial three storyboards pertain to the opening of Act 1.  I wanted this first scene to be jarring, pivotal, because it is in witnessing their mother’s murder that these innocent children realize the danger of their position.

As I sat down, jotting down notes, and making quick, admittedly hilariously terrible sketches, I found that the very act of putting the images I was seeing in my head onto paper was generating more and more images/content for me to work with and build upon.  Though I started with the initial three opening scene images, this developed into at least four more…two pivotal scenes for Act 2, and one for the climactic scene before the film ends.

I suppose that this both because I tend to see stories and memories in pictures and clips…still images and small film-reels, so to speak, and also because I am a very visually stimulated person.  In any case, one seems to be feeding off another, which may prove very helpful.


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